What Are Mid Sleeper Beds?

Mid sleeper beds are a type of cabin bed that have the bed at mid-height, which parents often find better than a high sleeper for younger children, as the parent can reach it more easily.

Mid sleeper beds, where you can shop by type or size, can be built over a solid unit of furniture, comprising cupboards, drawers and shelves, or even desks.

Sometimes they may have empty space underneath which can be used for storage or individual furniture items.

Young children’s beds are often designed with a tent-style overlay; depicting the child’s favourite character or theme, like a pirate ship or fairy castle. These clever designs have a mid sleeper bed inside; with or without additional furniture underneath. Sometimes there is just a bed, raised off the floor to maximize space, while others have a full bedroom suite cleverly designed to fit beneath. Still other mid sleeper beds have a desk and some shelves, for an ideal homework nook.

There are many different designs of mid sleeper beds: they can be framed in wood or metal and have a simple bed raised from the floor for extra space.

Other designs have a mini wardrobe, drawers and shelves all cleverly constructed to fit underneath the bed.

Some mid sleeper beds are designed for the child with a small room, who needs somewhere to do their homework; so the bed has a desk underneath, with maybe some shelves and drawers, or cabinets and a cork board.

Beds intended for very young children may have a play area designed to fit beneath them, while those for the older ones may be designed with a foldaway bed underneath for friends to stay over.

The concept of mid sleeper beds is an ideal one for any home with limited space and is also an excellent way to optimize the space in a tiny box room.

Mid Sleeper Beds with a Theme

A wonderful invention for very young children are mid sleeper beds with a theme to encompass their favourite character or storybook. They can be designed to look like an open top bus or a boat, a fire engine or police car.

There are Barbie-style beds, princess castles and fairy forests, as well as any number of cartoon characters. As mid sleeper beds are raised above the ground, this leaves room underneath for an ideal play area, or may be fitted with other items of bedroom furniture to form a space-saving unit.

The themed idea is taken one step further in some cases, where a tent-like canvas is draped over the entire unit and printed with a design, like a pirate ship or castle, and the child in the bed will feel like they are in a tent with the canvas above them, while the space beneath can be designed to suit their needs.

Mid Sleeper Beds for All Ages

Mid sleeper beds are not only designed for children, but are the perfect idea for a small space, like the box room, attic room, or even a studio.

Some adults may like the idea of a mid sleeper bed, simply to give them the added space below, which they can leave open, or place any item of their own furniture, or may choose to have the bed designed with furniture fitted beneath.

Mid sleeper beds do not have to be single size, they can also be designed to take a full-size or three-quarter size mattress.

Some come as a complete unit with fitted cabinets, shelves and drawers under the bed, which is ideal for a tiny room, and for added convenience it is possible to have these arranged for either side or end access, according to space.

The choice of wooden or metal frames, with anything from an extra bed to an open play area underneath, means that there is a choice of mid sleeper beds for all ages.